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Road test reports

Its looks like Wardrobe design!!The last shot is amazing!!


Great pictures as always, Sidney.

In some cultures tatooed people consider themselves clothed while others are (spiritually) naked.

In parts of Indonesia people chisel their teeth to be distinguish themselves from wild people and animals.

The Kalinga tatoos remind me very of Dayak tatoos in Borneo... very elaborated.

so much to rediscover.


dennis villegas

Wow beautiful tattoos! Your documentation of their tattoo is fantastic. Your photos vividly captured the details. Congrats!

dodong flores

It's amazing how they treated tattoos in the belief of the old times. In modern Filipino concept, if you have tattoo, it's like you were coming from prison (ex-convict)


wow, this is really something.. very nice documentary shots.. :)

Ashish Sidapara

My grandma has tattoos, but not so many. Amazing series.


Amazing what I see here; Amazing shots and reportage !


The love the third photo: gray chin hair and off the shoulder top.:) Nice tattoo design resembling the skirt's geometric pattern.


great series. off the point.. just to tell you a story.

i had a friend who disappeared. the police couldnt trace him. after some time, locals found a dog playing with some skin. they could identify him through the tattoo.


C'est impressionnant qu on puisse souffrir autant pour les piqûres à supporter...


amazing how the definition of beauty can vary depending on culture. great series, sidney.

Wim van der Meij

Still it must be very painful to get all these tattos. The woman looks like she is remembering it.
Good work though Sid!


Quite an interesting series!

luna miranda

i'm impressed that you were able to convince lola to show off her cleavage (lol)! just kidding...

interesting series, Sidney.

kevin anonymous

very nice. lola rocking them tats! hehe


Un femme tatouée je veux bien, ...mais sous le pied !!!!!!


Nos choix, nos goûts sont induis par nos cultures et notre éducation. Je porte donc un regard attentif et interressé à ce qui m'est différent.
"Nos différences loin de nous léser doivent nous enrichir"


what a pity I don't have any tattoo on the body..............


Très impressionnant !

Michael Rawluk

So very cool.


I must be very weak: white skin and no tatoos :-)


I like much the dignity of this woman


way cool, must hurt like heck getting them done tho!!


Toujours aussi intéressant.

SD (Aspherical)

Very nice - I'm glad you're documenting these. Those must have taken an insane amount of time to do!

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